California Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Accident Victims in Calabasas

Calabasas, Southern California, San Fernando Valley

Calabasas, CA

California Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Accident Victims in Calabasas

Calabasas is located on the south west side of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California near West Hills, Agoura Hills, and Woodland Hills. The name Calabasas is said to have been given after the Spanish word for pumpkin, calabaza. Situated in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, Calabasas is home to one of the oldest surviving buildings in the greater Los Angeles area, dating all the way back to 1844.

Calabasas has had its share of bad accidents in the past with cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even buses. These accidents can be devastating to a victim due to the costs of medical care in addition to the pain and suffering the victim has had to endure due to someone else’s negligence. Finding the perfect personal injury lawyer is imperative if you want to get the maximum compensation possible.

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

You have just been injured in an accident and you want to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you had experienced in addition to the medical bills. Handling the case by yourself against insurance companies (who have their own tricks to intentionally give you less compensation), you are more than likely to get less than you deserve. But what qualities do you look for in a personal injury lawyer?

  • Experience – Nothing makes up for having experience dealing with personal injury cases including car accidents, slip and fall injuries, elder abuse, and more. With more than 2,500 cases, MCIS Lawyers have the experience necessary to get your fair settlement.
  • Trial Experience – Not every lawyer has experience going to trial. MCIS Lawyer Mark G. Cunningham has many years of experience fighting for compensation in the court room and not just settling for less than his clients deserve out of court.
  • Insurance Company Experience – Not only do you want your lawyer to be passionate and dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve, you want someone who knows all of the tricky ways insurance companies try in order to settle for less. MCIS Lawyer Mark G. Cunningham worked for insurance companies for many years, and knows exactly what is deemed essential for insurance companies to pay their fair amount. He understands exactly how insurance companies work.
  • Ethics and Honesty – Personal injury lawyers should be committed to seeking the just compensation that you deserve. At no point should you ever been taken advantage of by your own lawyer. MCIS Lawyers are transparent, honest, and thoroughly explain everything that is happening at all points of your case.

Working with an experienced trial lawyer is very important in order to attain maximum compensation. The attorneys of MCIS Lawyers have the experience needed in the court room. Additionally, we work on a contingency fee, meaning we do not get paid until you get your settlement. MCIS Lawyers will passionately represent any type of personal injury case, including car accidents, elder abuse, premises liability, dog bites, and more. Schedule a free consultation with MCIS Lawyers.

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