California Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Accident Victims in San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley, or as it is widely known, ‘the Valley’, represents a large portion of the urban sprawl in Southern California.

The collection of communities in Los Angeles County is located around the Transverse Ranges. Positioned north of the populous Los Angeles Basin, the San Fernando Valley is made up of some of the state’s most well-known communities, including Glendale, Burbank, Calabasas, and San Fernando. The San Fernando Valley is mostly comprised of communities within the Los Angeles city limits, with more than two-thirds of cities falling under that category.

In total, the San Fernando Valley region is home to more than 1.8 million people and measures more than 260 square miles. The region is well known for its scenic landscapes, including the Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park and Observatory, Santa Monica Mountains, California State Parks and the Simi Hills.

The San Fernando Valley region densely populated, and its residents regularly engage in a variety of activities, from commuting to and from work to a series of recreational sports and hobbies. That could mean that, at some point, residents may find themselves in a situation where they suffer a catastrophic injury, or need legal representation in a case related to one.

Catastrophic Injury in Southern California

No one is ever prepared when accidents take a tragic turn. When injury victims suffer catastrophic injuries, like those to the spine or brain, the consequences can be dire. Although the damage can vary, with respect to severity, trauma to the spine or brain can affect one’s ability to live their life.

Catastrophic injuries can have many causes, but the most common form of brain injury comes as a result of a direct blow to the head, or some other kind of head trauma. Car accidents are a common causes of brain trauma, especially if victims strike their heads or suffer whiplash. While some brain injuries are not as severe, or do not carry lasting consequences, some victims of catastrophic injury require constant care and long-term rehabilitation.

When handling these types of cases, it is important to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney, who can advocate on your behalf and tell the jury your story. The key in these cases is to convey understanding, and you need to tell the jury your story and demonstrate what it is like to live with these life-changing injuries.

In Southern California, the legal team at MCIS Lawyers have been advocating on behalf of catastrophic injury victims for more than 30 years. Our lawyers have handled a variety of head and spine injury cases, and we know how to help you tell your story. Your future interests are at stake, and our personal injury attorneys are committed to working with you to achieve a favorable outcome.

We welcome your call today at (818) 999-1184 to schedule your preliminary consultation.

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