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Historically famous for its olive orchards, the neighborhood of Sylmar is found in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. Sylmar is surrounded by the Tujunga Canyons, Lopez and Kagel Canyons, Mission Hills, and Granada Hills.

Just 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean, Sylmar is blessed with dry and sunny weather, considered the perfect climate for growing olives. It comes as no surprise then that Sylmar used to be the location of the world’s largest olive groves.

Today, Sylmar offers many attractions to its visitors, one of which is the Nethercutt Collection, a museum that features a collection of classic automobiles, mechanical musical instruments, and antique furniture.

Sylmar Demographics

Sylmar covers a total area of 12.601 square miles with an estimated population of 90,000. The median resident age is around 34 years and approximately 35.5% of the residents were born outside the U.S.

Motorcycle Accidents in Sylmar

Motorcycles are increasingly popular in warm and sunny neighborhoods such as Sylmar. The operators of these relatively lightweight vehicles are constantly exposed to risks of motorcycle accidents when they encounter cars and other large motor vehicles.

When a motor vehicle crashes into a motorcycle, the motorcyclist often suffers catastrophic injuries. Survivors of a motorbike accident, as well, can suffer serious injuries such as spine injury, traumatic brain injury (even with a helmet on), fractures, and wounds requiring medical treatment, therapy, and rehabilitation.

Claiming Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have a claim for compensation against the other driver or other negligent parties. After seeking medical treatment for your injuries, it’s important to consult a personal injury attorney, particularly one with experience in motorcycle accidents. This type of claim is more complex than the ordinary personal injury case in that the injured motorcyclist often suffers from the stigma of being negligent in an accident.

In Sylmar and other parts of the Woodland Hills, California, MCIS Lawyers are prepared to litigate your motorcycle accident in case negotiations for a settlement fail. With over 30 years of combined personal injury experience and 2,500 litigated cases, we have helped clients obtain compensation that is vital for their complete recovery.

We also handle other types of personal injury claims such as auto accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, bus accident, slip and fall, dog bite injury, and wrongful death.

We invite you to call our offices today at (818) 999-1184 to schedule a free consultation.

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