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Reseda is a community in the San Fernando Valley region of Southern California.

Originally founded in 1912, Reseda is known today as one of the most diverse areas surrounding the city of Los Angeles. The community was originally inhabited by the Tongva tribe of Native Americans, who populated much of the area around the Los Angeles River. The name Reseda is derived from the Southern Pacific Railroad days, back when the community was still called Marian.

Reseda is flanked in the valley by the communities of Winnetka, Tarzana and Encino, and is part of a populous region outside of the city of Los Angeles, known locally as “The Valley.” Reseda, which is home to more than 74,000 residents, features a fairly young population, with a median age of 35.5, and an average median household income at approximately $53,800.

Because Reseda is located in such a populous area, landlords or property owners face an increased risk for premises liability incidents, including pedestrian accidents and slip and fall cases. As a result, residents may at some point require the legal counsel of a qualified and knowledgeable premises liability attorney.


Premises liability incidents can happen in a variety of ways. The most common is through slip and fall accidents, which often come as a result of some sort of negligence or unwillingness to remedy a potentially dangerous environment. Some examples of this would be a landlord or property owner spilling something on a floor, but failing to clean it up, failing to provide adequate warning of a hazard or failing to protect customers or residents from dangerous conditions.

It is important to note that not every slip and fall has grounds for a premises liability case. Experiencing a fall does not give you the legal grounds to pursue a premises liability claim because it doesn’t always come down to fault. However, in the cases where someone acted negligently, or failed to remedy a dangerous situation, an injured person does have legal grounds to pursue a premises liability claim.

When these types of incidents occur, the first step is reporting it. Delaying notifying the proper parties of the incident makes it increasingly difficult to establish fault on the part of a property owner or landlord. If you have already reported your incident, the next step would be contacting a qualified premises liability attorney, who can help you build the strongest case possible.

In Reseda, the lawyers at MCIS Lawyers specialize in representing clients in premises liability cases, including slip and fall claims. For more than 30 years, our firm has successfully advocated on behalf of clients to achieve a favorable resolution. Our team doesn’t just possess the knowledge you need – our extensive experience in handling these claims in court is proven. We are ready, willing and able to work with you and your loved ones to build a case that allows you the compensation you deserve.

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