California Personal Injury Lawyer Helping Accident Victims in Ventura

Southern California’s picturesque coast is home to a number of vibrant, high profile communities, including Ventura County, which is home to the city of Ventura.

Situated northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the city of Ventura, also the county seat, is surrounded by some of the metro area’s most scenic communities, including Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Malibu and Santa Barbara. The community is accessible through the region’s bustling roadway system, and is positioned along U.S. Route 101.

Ventura, which is the fourth largest community in the county, spans more than 32 square miles and is home to nearly 109,000 people. Ventura County was originally home to Southern California’s Native American Chumash people, before settlers officially incorporated the city of Ventura in 1866.

The city is also known for its scenic allure, featuring narrow valleys and foothills, and also happens to be one of the region’s premier surf destinations.

As Ventura is positioned along one of the region’s main roadways, driver safety is incredibly important. Between its fair weather climate and notorious traffic, the greater Los Angeles area has become a haven of sorts for motorcyclists. Unfortunately vehicle accidents are a common occurrence, including those involving motorcycles.


It is important to have a seasoned trial attorney in motorcycle accident cases. At MCIS Lawyers, we know how to overcome the bias and prejudice that is often attached to motorcyclists. In addition, we know the rules of the road and which ones make a difference in court.

When motorcycle accidents happen, the results can be devastating. Unfortunately, motorbike operators who are involved in collisions typically do not fare well, due in large part to the lack of protection, compared to that of an automobile.

As a result, the injuries suffered can be far more severe, and can involve anything from broken bones to severe spinal injuries, paraplegia or severe head trauma.

There are negative attitudes involving motorcycle rides. As trial lawyers, MCIS Lawyers knows how to overcome those attitudes so that compensation can be maximized.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is incredibly important that you seek legal counsel.

For close to 50 years, MCIS Lawyers has represented clients in personal injury cases. During that time, our attorneys have successfully negotiated settlements on behalf of clients involved in a number of vehicular accidents, including those on motorbikes. We don’t just understand the complexities of California’s transportation laws – we are committed to seeing your case through to a successful outcome.

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