What Treatment Do I Need After a Car Accident?

After accident. Grey-haired retired man feeling a little bit worried while having his hand examining after car accident


A common question asked by a victim of a car accident is, who do I see for treatment? This article answers that question. It guides those who have been hurt by the wrongful act of another.


California law provides that a person injured in a car collision is entitled to compensation for his or her damages. There are two types of losses. The first type is called “economic” losses. These include such things as medical bills and lost wages. The second type is called “non-economic” damages. These include pain and suffering.


The law states that an injured person is entitled to receive the reasonable cost of necessary treatment. What is the required treatment? It depends on the injury. As an example, a person who suffers a neck sprain does not need surgery. If the person has surgery, the court will probably conclude the operation was not necessary. The injured person does not receive the cost of the surgery or the pain and suffering associated with the surgery


Many injuries are not apparent immediately. Often, an injured person will not notice injuries at the accident scene because he or she is focused and worried about other things. The person does not become aware of the pain until later, sometimes not until the next day. Delayed soreness and other symptoms are common with neck and back injuries. 

Once injuries are known, either at the scene or later, the person should seek treatment immediately.  Even a minor problem can turn out to be significant. 

It is appropriate to go to urgent care or the emergency department following an injury. It is also suitable to see the primary care physician if available.  The main point is not to delay. Any delay can affect the resolution of your injuries.


For over 30 years, we worked for insurance companies. We know the tricks and tactics they use to deny claims. One of the most used tactics is to argue a person was not hurt because he or she delayed in seeking treatment. 


A person injured in a car crash should seek medical care immediately. The failure to do so can affect recovery and also affect how the insurance company compensates the victim. Schedule a free consultation with MCIS should you need assistance with your medical treatment.