Truck Accidents: Causes of Negligence

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For almost 30 years, our lawyers defended truck companies and their drivers. Then we switched sides! In terms of truck accidents, we know what information to look for to prove a claim against a trucking company.  


In our experience, the most common causes of truck accidents are, as follows:

-Driver fatigue.

-Inadequate driver training.

-Poor truck maintenance.

-Unsafe speed.

-Distracted driving.

-Alcohol and Drug Use.


There are many relevant state and federal truck accident laws that apply to truck drivers to make sure they are operating safely. 

The law recognizes that driver fatigue is a frequent cause of a truck collision. There are many strict requirements on the number of hours a trucker can drive during a day or week. Violation of these requirements often results in fatigue and is a cause of an accident. 

Because of the massive size of the vehicle, a truck driver must undergo specialized training to operate a big rig. Many accidents occur because of inadequate training by the truck company or the company hires inexperienced drivers.

Truck drivers must be in good health to drive. They must pass a physical exam every two years or risk losing their license. Especially noteworthy is good eyesight. A driver must pass an eye exam. Vision problems are another common cause of accidents, especially at night when it is more difficult to see. 

There are strict laws regarding drug and alcohol use. Drivers cannot have any alcohol or drugs in their system that may affect their ability to drive in the eight hours leading up to driving. Drug abuse is a common cause of truck accidents. Drivers use drugs to stay awake, especially long-haul drivers.

The law demands that cargo be adequately secured. There are specific inspection procedures to secure cargo. Many accidents occur because objects are not correctly tied down by the trucker.


Injuries from a truck accident can be life-changing. You need an experienced lawyer who knows how to win truck accident cases and can maximize your recovery. Schedule a free consultation with MCIS.