Why Should My Lawyer Belong to the American Board of Trial Advocates?

lawyer,  American Board of Trial Advocates


This article discusses why it is essential that your attorney has jury trial experience.


Our senior partner, Mark G. Cunningham, is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates (“ABOTA”). ABOTA has 96 chapters throughout the United States. ABOTA is the premier lawyers’ organization in the United States. Selection for membership carries with it considerable prestige among attorneys, judges, and legislators.

Becoming recognized and accepted by ABOTA is based upon a lawyer’s experience in civil jury trials together with the lawyer’s litigation expertise.

Insurance companies recognize personal injury attorneys who are ABOTA members. The companies understand the significance of being a member. Cases handled by ABOTA attorneys are not taken lightly by insurance adjusters. The adjusters know that if they don’t offer a fair settlement amount, the ABOTA lawyer is not afraid to go to court.


One of the first things an insurance company does is research your attorney to determine his jury trial experience. As former insurance lawyers, we know that adjusters take advantage of lawyers who do not try cases. Adjusters make low offers and force the case to trial knowing the attorney will fold closer to trial. Often, the client is not aware he or she is getting pennies on the dollar because the attorney is afraid to go to court.

Insurance companies hire experienced defense attorneys with jury trial experience. These lawyers know how to take advantage of a lawyer with little to no jury trial experience. Defense attorneys know the
tactics and tricks to win at trial.

Your case will be taken seriously by the insurance company with a seasoned trial lawyer. He will know how to stop the tactics used by defense counsel.


An experienced jury trial lawyer enhances the value of any case. He can also stop the tricks that are used to defeat a claim. If you are interested in maximizing the value of your case, you should hire MCIS. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case today!