Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Personal Injury Attorneys

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Victims of car collisions ask many questions about what they are supposed to do after a car accident. Here are the top 5 questions asked by our clients after an accident.

Should I Seek Immediate Treatment?

Yes. If you suffered injuries in an accident, you should visit urgent care or an emergency department. An insurance company will use any delay in seeking treatment against you.

Should I Call An Attorney?

Yes. An attorney is essential to make sure your rights and interests are protected. For example, if you claim benefits under your uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance company will look for ways to minimize its payout. The insurance company will use a statement you give against you if it serves their purpose. It is vital to know how to provide an accurate account of the accident. You do not want your words taken out of context or twisted.

Should I Call My Insurance Company?

Yes, after you have retained a lawyer. Your lawyer can report the accident. He can verify all the coverages that you have. Most people have collision coverage to get their car repaired. He can arrange to have an appraiser come out to inspect your vehicle.

If the other driver is uninsured, you will need to have your car repaired or replaced under your coverage. Verify that you have uninsured property damage insurance.

Never allow your insurance company to record your statement. If you are injured, you should wait to provide an account of the accident until after you have spoken with a lawyer.

Should I Call The Other Insurance Company?

You should talk to the other insurance company only if you did not suffer injuries and are only looking to get your car repaired. The other driver’s insurance company is not interested in helping you if you are injured. The company is looking to save money. The insurer will use any information you give them to defeat your injury claim. It is best to let your attorney decide what information to provide.

Should I Talk To The Other Driver?

If you have suffered injuries, you should not talk to the other driver.

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