How do I select a personal injury lawyer?

personal injury lawyer


Finding the right personal injury lawyer is essential after an accident. Common questions include, should I go with a large firm? What kind of lawyer should I hire? What type of experience should the lawyer have? Choosing the right lawyer can make the difference between winning and losing a case.


Any personal injury lawyer you hire must understand how insurance companies think. We do. We used to work for insurance companies for almost 30 years. Make no mistake about it, insurance companies are in business to make money and to do that they try to spend as little as they can on settlements. Insurance companies are not interested in paying you unless you make them. We know the specific strategies the companies use to defeat cases. We helped companies develop these strategies. Our knowledge allows us to anticipate these strategies and to prepare a successful response to them. We have developed ways to counter and defeat these strategies. This means your case will not be dismissed or minimized.

Also, we understand how insurance companies evaluate cases. We assisted insurance adjusters in assessing claims. We know the critical factors that companies consider when deciding how much money to pay. We also understand the factors that significantly reduce the value of a settlement. This means we can maximize the value of your damages and the compensation you deserve.


As you research and talk to personal injury lawyers, you should ask them if they specialize in car accident cases. Many lawyers don’t work in a specific practice area. They take whatever comes in the door so they can pay their rent. At MCIS Lawyers, we have handled well-over 2500 motor vehicle accident cases. This means we know the quality medical specialists who can treat your injuries so you can recover. We also understand the evidence needed to build a strong case. This means a better outcome for you.


We know how insurance companies treat lawyers who do not try cases. One of the first things an insurance company does is to check the trial experience of your lawyer. We have seen first-hand how “Low-Ball” settlement offers are often made to lawyers who do not try cases. The objective of the insurance company is to minimize the value of your case.

The company will hire an experienced trial lawyer to achieve that end, which is why it is essential that you have an experienced trial lawyer on your side. The company needs to understand that if a fair settlement offer is not made, your attorney is prepared to go to court. Many lawyers advertise their services, but very few will go to trial. The insurance companies know that. Many keep a list of lawyers. They know that many lawyers will settle on the eve of trial for pennies on the dollar. Often, clients don’t even realize they are getting less than full value for their claim. Hiring a trial lawyer means the insurance company will take your case seriously. It also means a better outcome.


We get paid based on the outcome of your case. This means you pay nothing unless we win your case. This is known as a contingency fee. Also, we provide a free consultation to discuss your situation.


At MCIS Lawyers, we have the experience and know-how to get you the medical treatment you need and the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation.